new helmet haiku

Front brake, wet tarmac want to kiss you

Such a nice helmet that was

still though cogito ergo sum

photo 2 photo 3

I was always wearing helmet because of possible “lawyer bollocks” leading to reduce of money my family will receive after my (possible) death. This time thou the piece of polystyrene foam possibly saved my life. I smacked head against tarmac going well over 30kph. Felt little dizzy and have a big…

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Dartmoor (tiny) trip

Suppose to be three day trip to Dartmoor, wild camping, plenty pictures etc, but I was too optimistic about the British weather – predictably unpredictable. Sunday noon after quick forecast check, looked like Sunday afternoon until Monday evening will be heavily raining. I scratched my head, counted pluses and minuses, and decided, that won’t be fun riding in pouring rain and headed back to…

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